In August, I spent three weeks with my family in Scotland. With our small caravan, „Bumblebee“, as mum and I -against the will of my brothers  – call it, we discovered this beautiful country. 

This is Loch Lomond, on the edge of the Highlands. I captured this beautiful evening atmosphere with my camera. I also came to this place in the morning, and let me tell you, it was magical. The lake was competely calm, as if it was sleeping. And suddenly, without a breeze or a boat coming, soft waves arose, as if the Lake was waking up. We stayed at the Lagganbeg Campinsite, a ten minute walk from the shore.

Of course we visited the Isle of Skye. Only as a day Roadtrip (my brothers didn’t want to hike) but that’s ok. I’ll come back and hike up to the Old man of Stoer (upper left corner) one day. So many beautiful spots. You can even spot whales by the cliffs, f you’re lucky!

Achmelvich Beach, one of my Highlights, although we couldn’t spend much time here (got a flat tire on the road to the beach and had to spend the day waiting and talking to nice scots). The water was so clear. One of the most beautiful beaches I have ever been to!

if you’re interestet, here are some more random pictures of the journey 🙂

Ardvreck Castle



Isle of Skye