Wanderlust is an intersting word. In german it means „Hiking desire“. I like the word, it has a nice sound and a beautiful meaning. 

But there are times when one feels Wanderlust but can’t satisfy this desire, for whatever reason. I have that quite a lot, so here I want to share some inspiration for what to do when your wanderlust makes you feel incomplete and maybe a bit lost 🙂 

If your body can’t travel, at least let your mind go to different places: read something! Educate yourself about things concerning places you want to visit, learn different languages, read through old memories of your adventures…

Go for walks in nature or explore cities close to you. Actively perceiving places that you’re used to helps sometimes to just appreciate that you can be here right now. And if not you can use the time and process experiences that you made somewhere else. 

Meet a lot of people. Go out with your friends. Meet up with your family. Just socialize. This will help a lot. And in the best case you have someone or meet soomeone with whom you can exchange similar experiences. After my two month Ghana trip it was a great feeling to talk to someone who has been there too, who really understood what I was talking about.

What helps me everytime is to cool or bake something. I know that’s not for everyone, but me, I love baking and cooking. When I am on a jounrey I can’t cook my own food most of the times, so when I am at home I love to create delicious things. First, it destracts me from my longing to just take my backpack and disappear in the woods, and second because food can always satisfy my cravings at least to a certain point, no matter what I crave: a good hike, an adventure, almost EVERYTHING can be made better with some good food, preferably selfmade.

Well, what works the best is to plan the next trip. To make researches, to write some plans down, maybe already pack the backpack… And then the anticipation :))

So, next time you’re at home and feel the Wanderlust  try some of my tips, if you haven’t already 🙂