Beaches in Ghana can be extremely crowded – or they are completely empty. Especially in the small villages in the west of the coastal regions you will find beaches like they must exist in paradise. Sand, waves, tropical forest, coconuts, … The beach on the picture is located at Cape three points, the southernmost part of whole west Africa. This is a beach of that kind. 

Of course, most of the time swimming is really hard, but you can surf or just throw yourself into the waves and let yourself being carrried by them. Whatever you do, I have never had as much fun being somewhere alone as with the waves at this beach.

Most of the time there weren’t a lot of people. If you walk a little furhter to the next village you will definetily meet people at the beach, but here, with nothing than nature and the small camp where I stayed (escape three points), there was no one most of the time.

Ghana truly has a lot more to show than just its slums. If you want to hear more about the country, just contact me 🙂

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