Bullet journal Ideas for february

This year I decided to design my own calender. Since Januray is coming to its end now I’ll show you how I designed February in my journal 🙂

using watercolours I created a base

I used watercolours to paint the background. It’s all in different kinds of blue since february is still a cold month where I live.

with my favourite pen i drew lines
and then I assigned the right dates to the spaces

Of course I also needed a title page for february…

first design for the title page

I started by simply painting a few trees with a slightly dark green colour and then I added some snow by using white colour and applying it on the trees. As a next step I took a tiny bit of cotton wool and stuck it to the paper with glue. 

the final result

With my favourite pen I wrote ‚February‘ and drew an overview with the correct dates of the month. I really like the design, it’s simple but pretty 🙂 Let me know how you like it or share your ideas!